The idea of Choppelectric started in the spring of 2016 from the ambition to create a stylish e-bike that would resemble a motorbike. We are passionate in developing and creating handcrafted e-bikes with awesome design and an unforgettable driving experience!


We work and realise our crazy ideas from day to day with the goal of delivering happiness to people who admire uniqueness.

*All our bikes are handcrafted by us in Estonia. Color of the bikes and leatherworks are tailor-made on demand by your special needs.


Our saddles, side panels and grips are made in house by our upholsterer Randar.


This is when Harri comes into the play. We use bulletproof and light CrMo tubes, which are handcrafted into Choppelectric frames.

Bulletproof brushless rear hub electric motor can carry you through generations.


5-level pedal assist and engine power of 250W can guarantee that you don't need any special licence to drive Choppelectric. And it feels like a motorbike!

With battery capacity of 15,3Ah you can drive up to 80 kilometers without recharging. 

From onboard waterproof LCD display you can see battery status, speed, power, mileage, time and other important things related to your bike.


For extra safety, you can set a code for start-up - so it's impossible for other people to use your bike without your permission.

With Choppelectric LED lights you can have full visibility.


Push of the illuminated button and you can set your front LED Halo light to high beam.

Wanna try?